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Maison Rustique

By Estienne, Charles (trans. Richard Surflet)

subjects: cookery, bakery, domestic medicine, household, farming, preservation,

  • 1. Maison Rustique, / or, / The conutrey / farme./ Compyled in the French Tongue by / Charles Stevens, and John /Liebsault, Doctors of Physicke. / And translated into English by Richard / Surflet, Practioner in Physicke. // Now newly reviewed, corrected, and augmented, / with divers large additions, out of the / works of Serves his agriculture
    Vinet his maison champetre in French
    Albyterio in Spanish
    Corilli in Italian; and other Authors.
    And the husbandrie of France, Italie, and Spaine, reconciled / and made to agree with ours here in England. / By Gervaise Markham. / The whole contents are in the page following. /
    Adam Islip   John Bill   1616
    18 x 28   [i-xviii] [1]-732   6o [3] A-Z+ Aa-Zz6 Aaa-Rrr6 + Sin 5
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    1v: contents
    2 Dedication to Robert Lord Willoughbie (GM), ie Gervase Markham who has edited this book.
    3-A2v Dedication: Peregrine Barotic Willoughbie (Richard Surflet)
    A3-A4v Address: To the courteous reader (Richard Surflet)
    [A4-6v]: Table for sowing seeds
    Rrrr-SSSS Table = from Sss2v: what Markham has added; from Sss4: Table of Diseases and remedies.
    BLC notes: The additions for an English audience are largely from Markham's "Countrey Contentments", and make up roughly 10% of the book.
    The index is not adjusted entirely to this volume.

    PR 10549