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Daily exercise for ladies and gentlewomen

By Murrell, John

subjects: confectionary, preservation,

  • 1. A daily / exercise / for ladies and / gentlewomen. // Whereby they may learne and practise the whole Art of / making pastes, preserves, marma- / lades, conserves, tarstuffes, gel- / lies, breads, sucket candies, / cordiall waters, conceits / in sugar-works of / severall kindes. / As also to dry lemonds, oranges / or other fruits. // Newly set forth, according to the now / approved receipts used both by ho- / nourable and worshipfull personages. / by / John Murel Professor thereof. /
    Widow Helme   1617
    12o A-G12
    GB:   LB  

    A3 Dedication To: Mrs Elizabeth Bingham, wife of Nicholas Bingham.
    A5: Table indexed to numbered recipes.
    A12 Address: to the Gentle Reader: to buy the moulds, go to the bookseller.

    PR 18301