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Mrs Maclurcan's cookery book

By MACLURCAN, Mrs Hannah

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  • 1. [An edition of "Mrs Maclurcan's cookery book', 1908]
    Aus:   VMRoT  

    VMRoT reports Melbourne and London: for E. W. Cole, 1908.

  • 2. — Mrs. Maclurcan's | cookery book
    London: George Newnes Ltd; nd
    18.0 x 12.5 cm   Pp [i-iv] v [vi] vii [viii], 1-179, [i] publ ad   [1s on binding]   Paper with woman fluting piecrust edge on front
    GB:   LB destroyed   *OB  
    US:   NN  

    There are 520 numbered recipes followed by menus numbered from 521 to 537. LB and OB date this edition [1926].% Australian editions: Ferguson 12090 cites "Mrs Maclurcan's cookery book. A collection of practical recipes specially suitable for Australia. Written and published by H. Maclurcan.', Townsville: T. Willmett and Son, Printers, 1898. CBCat 33 lists the second edition, published by the author, Townsville, 1898. Ferguson 12091 records the third edition, Melbourne: George Robertson and Co Proprietary Ltd, 1899, and the last edition, the tenth, [1910']. LWel holds a copy of the third edition, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane: George Robertson and Co Proprietary Ltd, 1899. It is unpaginated and contains 891 numbered recipes and other items.% 2553