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Ideal breakfast dishes, savouries and curries

By SENN, Charles Herman

subjects: meals, breakfast, savouries, curry,

  • 1. Ideal breakfast dishes, | savouries and | curries. | By | C. Herman Senn, G.C.A., | Gold Medallist, Paris Academie, etc. | author of | "The New Century Cookery Book," "Practical Gastronomy," | "French Menus," "The Practical Cookery Manual," | "Recherche2 Side Dishes," "The Popular Cookery Book," | "Recherche2 Sweets," "Recherche2 Entrees," | "Potato Cookery," etc. etc.
    London: The Food and Cookery Publishing Agency; nd
    19.5 x 10.0 cm   Pp [1-3] 4-72   [1s on spine]   Brown cloth
    Bib:   B428  
    GB:   LCF   LCS   LoEN missing   OB   *OPo(F)  
    US:   ICJ   NN  

    On the title-page only a single closing quotation-mark follows "... Popular Cookery Book,".
    The text is in two parts: on pages 3-50 a section on breakfast dishes and savouries followed by its own index; and on pages 53-72 a section on curried dishes preceded by its index. LoEN, OB and NUCat date the book [1910].
    The entry in EngCat is for an edition published in May 1910 by Simpkin.
    See also Senn's "Popular breakfast dishes and savouries".