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Schools of Salernes

By H., R.

subjects: food, fish, diet, domestic medicine,

  • 1. Regimen Sanitatis Salerni / or, / The Schools / of / Salernes / Regiment of Health. / contayning / Most learned and judicious directions and / instructions, for the guide and government of Mans Life. // Dedicated unto the high and mighty / King of England, from that university, / and Published (by consent of learned physicians) for a generall good. // Reviewed, corrected, and inlarged with a commen- / tary, for the more plaine and easie understa- / ding thereof. // Whereunto is annexed, a necessary discourse of all sorts / of fish, in use among us, with theyr effects, / appertayning to the health of Man. //
    B. Alsop, T. Fawcet   1634
    pp [i-viii] 1-[218] [219-232]   4o A-Z Aa-Gg4
    GB:   LeU(B)  

    The Preface: contains general comments on the three essential parts of Physicke: Dyet Medicine & Chiugery. Signed R. H.
    Much of the book is on foodstuffs; pp. 207-19 specifically on fish.
    Pagination for 218 is misprinted at 200.

    PR 21604