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Recherche2 side dishes for breakfast, luncheon, dinner and supper

By SENN, Charles Herman

subjects: meals, breakfast, meals, lunch, meals, dinner, meals, supper, hors d'oeuvres, savouries, salads,

  • 1. Recherche2 | side dishes | for | breakfast, luncheon, dinner, and supper | comprising | hors d'oeuvres, | savouries, salads, & | oriental dishes. | By | Charles Herman Senn | Inspecting and Consulting Chef de Cuisine, National Training | School of Cookery, London | author of | "Practical Gastronomy," "Recherche2 Dinner Recipes," | "Menus and Their Compilation," "Practical Household Recipes," etc.
    London: John Haddon and Co; 1893
    18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-iv] v-vii [viii], 1-214   Red cloth with chef on front carrying roast poultry on platter
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    In the preface, which is dated April 1893, Senn says that this volume is a companion to "Practical gastronomy".

  • 2. — [Title as 1893]
    London: John Haddon and Co; 1894
    18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-iv] v-vii [viii], [1] 2-214   Blue cloth with chef on front carrying roast poultry on a platter
    Bib:   B427  
    GB:   *LB   LCF   LWel   LoEN   OB  
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    The contents include "Side dishes # hors d'oeuvres", "Sandwiches", "Savoury dishes of fish", "Savoury meat dishes", "Savoury dishes of vegetables", "Savoury dishes of eggs", "Farinaceous and cheese savouries, etc", "Salads and sauces", "Sour fruit salads", "Oriental dishes", "Miscellaneous recipes and sauces" and "Index".

  • 3. — [Another edition, third, 1899]
    US:   ICJ  

    A 243-page edition published in London by Spottiswoode and Co.

  • 4. — [Another edition, fourth, 1901]
    US:   Bookseller's stock  

    Published in London by Spottiswoode and Co Ltd.

  • 5. — [Another edition, 1905]

    AbCat 1971 cites a 243-page edition dated 1905 published by Food and Cookery Publishing Agency.

  • 6. — Recherche2 | side dishes: | Part I. | Hors-d'oeuvres and | sandwiches. | By | C. Herman Senn, | author of | "The New Century Cookery Book," "Practical Gastronomy," "French | Menus," "Recherche2 Entrees," "Recherche2 Lunch and Dinner | Sweets," "Breakfast and Supper Dishes," "Ices and How to | Make Them," "Eggs and Omelets," "A Book of Salads," | "Chafing-dish and Casserole Cookery," etc. etc.
    London: The Food and Cookery Publishing Agency; nd
    18.5 x 11.5 cm   Pp [1-5] 6-102, [i-ii] publ ads   Blue cloth
    GB:   *LCF  

    NN holds a copy of this title which it dates [1907].
    EngCat cites "Recherche2 side dishes: Part I Hors d'oeuvres and sandwiches" published by Simpkin in October 1907, and having 102 pages.

  • 7. — [Another edition, fifth, nd]

    CBCat 33 cites "Recherche2 side dishes", fifth edition, pages 260, [about 1899], and describes it as "comprising hors d'oeuvres, savouries and salads etc". The book referred to in CBCat 33 may correspond to the entry in EngCat for "Recherche2 side dishes: hors d'oeuvres, sandwiches and savouries", fifth edition, pages 260, 3s 6d, and published by Simpkin in November 1907.% General comments: Many of the recipes in "Recherche2 side dishes" were published again in "Savoury breakfast, dinner and supper dishes" (see below for a description of this work).