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Soups and savoury dishes


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  • 1. [Second edition of "Soups and savoury dishes"]

    The second edition of this title, published in London by The Cable Printing and Publishing Co Ltd for 3d, is advertised in the third edition of "Afternoon tea cakes". "Soups and savoury dishes" is one of "The Cable series of farm and household books". See the entry under the series name for other titles in the series and for evidence of the series' date of publication.

  • 2. — [Another edition, fourth, nd]
    Bib:   B603  

    Bitting 603 cites the fourth edition, "Soups and savoury dishes: an exhaustive guide to the making of all classes of special dishes", London: The Cable Printing and Publishing Co Ltd, nd, pages 40, paper-bound.