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The Jamaica cookery book

By SULLIVAN, Caroline

subjects: west indies, cookery of,

  • 1. [Third edition of "The Jamaica cookery book: three hundred and sixty-four simple cookery receipts and household hints collected by Caroline Sullivan", 1908]
    Bib:   B452  
    US:   DNAL   PP missing   ICJ   NN  

    The third edition was published in Kingston, Jamaica, by Aston W. Gardner and Co, and in London by The Gamage Building. Bitting 452 records the third edition as having twelve roman-numbered pages followed by ninety arabic-numbered pages.
    The NN copy is in poor condition. It lacks the binding and pages 75 onwards. The PP copy is missing. NUCat includes MU in its list of libraries holding the third edition; however, MU reports that it no longer owns the book.% General comments: The first and second editions were published only in Kingston, Jamaica, by Aston W. Gardner and Co in 1893 and 1897.