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Potato cookery

By SUZANNE, Alfred and Charles Herman Senn

subjects: potatoes, cooking with,

  • 1. Potato cookery: | 300 ways of preparing | and cooking potatoes... | by | Alfred Suzanne, | ex-Chef to the Duke of Bedford | and | C. Herman Senn, | formerly of the Reform Club, and for fourteen years Inspecting and | Consulting Chef to the National Training School of Cookery, | author of the "New Century Cookery Book," "Practical Gastronomy," | "Recherche2 Entrees," "The Practical Cookery Manual," | etc., etc. / With introduction by | J. C. Buckmaster, Esq., M.A., J.P.
    London: The Food and Cookery Publishing Agency; nd
    18.5 x 11.5 cm   Pp [i-ii] ht, [1-3] 4-124, [i-ii] publ ads   Blue cloth
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    In the preface, which is dated September 1907, Senn says that of the recipes given, one hundred are the outcome of Suzanne's, the remainder of his own experience. The text contains 300 numbered recipes.
    The LCS copy is rebound and lacks pages 117 onwards.% General comments: Bitting 453 cites an edition, London: The Food and Cookery Publishing Agency, 1907 no brackets.% French editions: MCR holds "Cent manie1res d'accommoder et de manger les pommes de terre", published in Paris and dated 1891. Although I have not compared the text with "Potato cookery", it seems likely that the 100 recipes by Suzanne in "Potato cookery" are those from "Cent manie1res...".