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365 dishes of all nations


subjects: cuisines of various countries,

  • 1. 365 | dishes | of all nations
    London: [printed in USA for] Dean and Son Ltd; [September] 1908
    15.0 x 9.5 cm   Pp [i-ii] tp, 1-154   Red cloth
    GB:   *LoEN   OB  
    US:   ICJ  

    Printed on the verso of the title-page is "Copyright, 1908, by George W. Jacobs and Company < Published September, 1908". EngCat records this title published by Dean in December 1908.
    The index lists the recipes by origin. There are entries for Austrian, Bavarian, Belgian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Oriental, Polish, Russian, Scotch, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss and Viennese dishes.

  • 2. — [Title as 1908]
    London: [printed in USA for] Dean and Son Ltd; [copyright 1908]
    15.0 x 9.5 cm   Pp [i-ii] tp, 1-154   Red cloth
    GB:   *LB  

    The copyright date is printed on the verso of the title-page.% General comments: In neither edition of "365 dishes of all nations" is there an indication of the book's series name and number; however, the advertisement on the last printed page of Miss Kate Halford's "365 puddings and pies" cites "365 dishes of all nations" as No. 8 in "The "365" series of cookery books". For information about the series, see the series name.% American editions: DLC, NN, MiEM, MCR, PP and OCl hold the American edition, issued with a different title, "365 foreign dishes", Philadelphia: George W. Jacobs and Co, [1908]. There are two entries in NUCat for the book ,one under the title, the other under Baird, Edith Harbison as compiler. Only the title entry shows the DLC library symbol. The entry under Baird was sent to DLC by OCl. OCl was unable to give me any evidence supporting its attribution of the book to Baird. The name authority card for Baird at DLC adds more uncertainty. It records a 1917 letter from an unnamed book deale