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Further new dishes

By THWAITES, Mrs Isabella

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  • 1. Further | new dishes. | By | Mrs. Thwaites | teacher of cookery, Liverpool. | Authoress of "Fish Cookery | articles on "Health | &c. &c.
    Liverpool: printed by Rockliff Brothers Ltd; 1891
    18.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-9] 10-46, [i-ii] ads   Brown paper with a leaf-bird-and-butterfly border on front
    GB:   *Priv coll  

    There are no closing quotation-marks on the title-page.
    The preface is signed "Isabella Thwaites. 71A Bold Street, Liverpool, 1891." In the preface the author refers to the demand for her last two publications of 1887 and 1889. "Recipes of ten days' cookery lectures" may be the work of 1887. I have not found a title dated 1889.