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Afternoon tea cakes, tasty sandwiches and sweetmeats


subjects: baking, sandwiches, candies,

  • 1. Afternoon tea cakes | tasty sandwiches | and sweetmeats. | (Third edition.) | Upwards of 130 recipes for dainty | afternoon tea cakes, tasty and inexpensive | sandwiches, and various sweetmeats. | Price threepence.
    London: The Cable Printing and Publishing Co Ltd; nd
    21.0 x 9.0 cm   Pp [3-7] 8-38   3d   Blue paper
    Bib:   B514  
    US:   *DLC  

    This is one of "The Cable series of farm and household books". See the entry under the series name for other titles in the series and for evidence of the series' date of publication.
    DLC dates this edition [19-"]. Axford 5 lists this title but does not cite the edition.