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Simple hints on choice of food

By ANGWIN, Miss Margaretta Carthew

subjects: general,

  • 1. (New, revised and enlarged edition.) | Simple hints | on | choice of food | with | tested and economical recipes | for schools, homes, | and | classes for technical instruction, | by | M. C. Angwin, | Diplomate (1st class) of the "National Union for the Technical Training | of Women." | Principal of the Sheffield School of Domestic Training | (Yorkshire Ladies' Council of Education). | To be had from the School of Cookery, Sheffield.
    Sheffield: Independent Press Ltd, Printers and Lithographers; 1898
    17.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-4] ads, [i-ii] tp, [1] 2-124, [i-ii] ads   [1s on binding]   Blue cloth
    US:   *DLC  

    This is a general cookery book with an emphasis on food values. The first chapter is called "Simple facts about food and its uses" and is followed by chapters of recipes, each with introductory remarks on nutrition and digestion.
    "Thirteenth thousand" is printed on the binding. The author's initials are given incorrectly as "M. O." on the binding.% General comments: Other editions of this work seem to have been published by Longmans, Green and Co since that publisher's advertisement for the title appears in "The grouse" of 1895 by the Reverend Hugh Alexander MacPherson {{et al}}. Also, EngCat 1901-1905 cites the thirteenth thousand, with 124 pages, published by Longmans in January 1901 for the price of 1s.
    BMCat cites a copy, formerly in its collection but now destroyed, of a new, revised and enlarged edition of 1898 with 118 pages.