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Art of Cookery refined and augmented

By Cooper, Jos.

subjects: cookery, preservation,

  • 1. The Art of / Cookery / Refin'd / and / augmented. // Containing an abstract of / some rare and rich unpub- / lished Receipts of / Cookery: // Collected from the practise of / that incomparable Master of / these arts, Mr. Jos. Cooper. / Chiefe Cook to the / late King: // With severall other practises by the / author, with an addition of Pre - / serves, Conserves, &c. offering / an infallible delight to all / Iudicious Readers. //
    J. G.   R. Lowndes   1654
    7 x 12.5   [É1] 2-195   12od A-I
    GB:   LB  

    Table: indexed to page number.
    A2 Address: To the reader: with comments on prostituting new recipesÉ for the common good.

    Wing: 1654, Lowndes (C6055)