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Macer's Herbal

By [Macer's Herbal]

subjects: herbs, medicine,

  • 1. [Macer's Herbal] Here begynnyth a newe mater, the whiche is called an herball
    Richard Bankes   1525
    GB:   LB  

    Sourced from BLC.[Macer: pseudo. ie Odo a Physician

    PR 13175.1

  • 2. — Macers Herbal. Practysyd by Doctor Lynacro. Translated out of laten, in to Englysshe, etc. B. L.
    Robert Wyer   1530?
    Sig A-W in fours   8o
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    BL note: 'it resembles the "Aggregator practicus de simplicibus" much more than Macer's work.


  • 3. — [Macer's Herbal]? A boke of the propertyes of herbes
    Robert Redman   1539? (1535-42)?
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    PR 13175.5

  • 4. — Hereafter foloweth the knowledge, properties, and the virtues of herbes
    Robert Wyer   1540?
    GB:   LB  

    PR 13175.6

  • 5. — A boke of the properties of herbsÉ..
    William Copland   1547

    Sourced from PR

    PR 13175.15

  • 6. — A boke of the properties of herbsÉ..
    John Kynge   1555

    Sourced from PR.

    PR 13175.16

  • 7. — The great herbal whiche geueth parfyt knowledge of herbs. Also

    Sourced from PR.

    PR 13179