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Natura Exenterata or nature unbowelled

By Natura Exenterata [Alethea Talbot]

subjects: clothwork, cookery, cosmetics, distillation, domestic medicine, household, husbandry, preservation,

  • 1. Natura Exenterata: / or / Nature unbowelled / by the most / exquisite anatomisers of her. / wherein are contained, / her choicest secrets digested into / receipts, fitted for the cure of all sorts / of infirmities, whether internal or external, / acute or chronical, that are in- / cident to the body of man. / Collected and preserved by several persons of quali- / ty and great experience in the art of medicine, / whose names are prefixed to the Book. / Containing in the whole, one thousand seven / hundred and twenty. / Very necessary for such to regard their owne / health, or that of their friends. / Valetudinem tuam cura diligenter. / Whereunto are annexed, / many rare hitherto un-imparted inventions, for / gentlemen, ladies and others, in the recre- / ations of their different imployments. / With an exact alphabetical table referring to the several / diseases, and their proper cures.
    H. Twiford, G. Bedell, N. Ekins   1655
    10.5 x 16.2   [i-viii] 1-469 [470-501]   8od A-I8
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    A1v Frontis: Wood engraved plate of Alathea Talbot Countess of Arundell & Surrey.
    A3 Address: to the Reader
    A4: List of people giving recipes.
    B1: Recipes
    Hh-Ii: Tables: Alphabetical to four sections: physical receipts; secrets of herbs and seeds; distillation of waters; sundry inventns: fishing, dying, net-work, laces, breeding horses, cookery (sweets & pickles), perfumes.

    Wing: Twyford, Henry, 1655, (N241)