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The practical cookery book


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  • 1. The | practical | cookery | book | 1d | By | B. A. Bennett, M.C.A., | contributor to "The Cupboard," | "Food and Cookery," "The Epicure," | etc. | author of "Recherche Ways of Cooking Eggs," | "Simple Cookery," "Inexpensive Recipes," etc. | Examiner to the Shipping Federation | School of Cookery.
    Bristol: Bennett Brothers Ltd, Printers; nd
    18.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-ii] tp, [1-2] 3-46   1d   White paper
    US:   *NNNAM  

    Not only are there full-page advertisements throughout the text, but most recipes use a commercial product such as Bird's Custard Powder, Hugon's Shredded Suet or Robinson's Patent Groats, and pages 18-25, which are entitled "Eustace Miles' recipes", feature that author's products. An advertisement on page 30 cites the "Lancet' of 1 July 1910 and the book appears to have been published about that year.