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Queens delight

By M., W. [Henrietta Maria]

subjects: domestic medicine, confectionary, cosmetics, distillation, preservation,

  • 1. The / Queens Closet / opened. Incomparable secrets in / Physick, Chirugery, Pre- / serving, candying, and cookery, / ss they were presented to the / Queen / By the most experienced persons of our times, many whereof were honou- / red with her own practice, when / she pleased to descend to these more private recreations. / Never before published. / Transcribed from the true copies of her / majesties own receipt-books, / by W. M. one of her late servants. /
    Vivit post funera virtus.
    Nathaniel Brook   1655
    7.5 x 14.2   [i-vi] 1-192 [193-4] 195-296 [297-308] [1-2] 3-123 [124-131]   8od A-P8 A-E8 Q8
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    "Pearle of Practice": to page 192; "Queen's Delight" has a new titlepage on 193 and runs to 296 with a Table to the "Pearle of Practice" and the "Queen's Delight" [297- 308]; "Compleat Cook" has a new titlepage on the second A1 [1], and runs through to 123 with a Table [124-131].
    The Pearle of Practise does not have its own titlepage. See below for tp information for the following parts of the book.
    A2: publ ads
    A3: Epistle to generous reader
    A Queen's Delight
    A / Queen's Delight, / or / the art / of/ preserving, conserving, / and candying; / as also / a right knowledge of / making perfumes, / and distilling the most / excellent waters. / Never before published./
    PPPP Printed for Nathaniel Brook, at the / Angel in Cornhill, 1655 PPPF Nathaniel Brook
    DDDD 1655
    The Compleat Cook
    The / compleat cook. / expertly prescribing the / / most ready wayes, whether Italian, Spanish or French. / For dressing of Flesh, and Fish, / ordering of sauces, or making of Pastry.
    PPPP London, Printed for Nath. Brook at t