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A manual of vegetarian cookery

By BLACK, Dr George

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  • 1. A manual of | vegetarian cookery | by | George Black, M.B., Edin. | Fell. Roy. Inst. Pub. Health, late Med. Officer Health, Keswick. | Author of "First Aid in Accident and Sudden Illness"; "Sick Nursing"; "Counsels to a | Young Wife"; Some Physical Aspects of the Temperance Question"; "Torquay as | a Health Resort"; "Value of a Bloodless Diet in Health and Disease." Editor of | "Long Life Series," "Household Medicine," &c., &c. | Price one shilling net. | Stiff covers, quarter-bound in cloth, 1/6. Bound in cloth, 2/6.
    London: Horace Marshall and Son; 1908
    21.5 x 14.0 cm   Pp [1-128]   1s   Brown paper with image on front of woman attending pot on stove
    GB:   *LB   LoEN   OB  
    US:   ICJ   NN   NNNAM  

    The author signs the preface "George Black. Greta Bank, Chelston, Torquay. September, 1907.' Here he says that he ran a vegetarian home called Dartmoor House at Belstone on Dartmoor for several years and that most of the recipes in the book are those of Miss Isabel Densham, the home's manageress. He stresses, however, that the arrangement and presentation of the recipes are his.
    There are forty-four numbered menus, each followed by recipes. Following the forty-fourth menu is a menu for a vegetarian dinner for fifty people and a menu for a Christmas dinner for twelve persons. The index locates the recipes by menu number since the book is unpaginated.
    Note the typographical error on the title-page where there are no quotation-marks preceding "Some Physical Aspects'.