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How to live on nothing


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  • 1. How to live | on | nothing. | By | Madame Bouchard | (Mrs. Arthur Smith). | Fourth thousand.
    London: Chapman and Hall Ltd; 1882
    17.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-3] 4-59   [6d on binding]   Blue paper
    GB:   LB destroyed   *OB  

    A review of the book on page 54 describes the author as "the relict of the late Arthur Smith, brother of Albert Smith, of Mont Blanc celebrity. The name of Arthur Smith is affectionately remembered by many middle-aged litte2rateurs...' Another review on page 56 refers to the author as "Madame Bouchard, whom many will remember as Mrs Arthur Smith'.
    Madame Bouchard recounts on page 4 how she gained her experience in cookery during the Franco-German War when, finding herself alone and servantless in a cha3teau near Paris, she whiled away the dull hours in the kitchen of a German lady, a good cook, whose servants had also fled.