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Brown and Polson's cookery books


  • 1. For cookery books published by Brown and Polson Ltd see "Brown and Polson's general recipe book"; "Brown and Polson's corn flour recipe book"; Senn, Charles Herman, "Light fare recipes"; "Summer dishes"; and "The tea-time recipe book".
    Undated, except for the occasional inclusion of a dated price list, and mainly in private collections, the cookery books produced by Brown and Polson Ltd have been difficult to assess. CPC (United Kingdom) Ltd, of which Brown and Polson is now a part, was unable to provide any publication dates and my descriptions of the cookery books in the company's collection are based on unclear photocopies of the bindings only. Clues to the publication dates of the various books are few. A reference on page 136 of Sophia and Louisa Morrison's "Manx cookery book" of 1908 to a recipe "from Brown and Polson's Recipe Book" indicates that certainly one of the company's books was published early enough to be included in the bibliography. CPC reports that Paisley Flour was later known as Raisley Flour, a fact that helped to order editions of "Light fare recipes", and the company's copy of an edition of "Light fare recipes" was dated June 1914 by the original owner, placing that book with certainty within the chronological boundaries of the bibliography. The inclusion or exclusion of other titles was decided primarily upon appearances.