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Chivers and Sons' table delicacies


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  • 1. Chivers & Sons' | table delicacies
    Histon, Cambridge: Chivers and Sons Ltd; nd
    17.5 x 9.5 cm   Pp [1] 2-31 [32]   9 fp illus, illus
    GB:   *Priv coll  
    US:   NN   NNNAM  

    Of the three paragraphs on the title-page, the first describes the purpose of the booklet # "[to indicate] the varied uses to which our specialities may be adapted' # and the following two give information about the factory. All the full-page illustrations show a mother and daughter cooking with Chivers products except for the last which portrays a woman in a field holding a basket of fresh fruit.
    The book was probably published about 1908 since a testimonial on page 15 is dated 1 February 1907 and the NN copy (one of the library's collection of uncatalogued cookery pamphlets) was acquired on 19 December 1908.
    The private collector's copy and the NN copy are bound in paper printed in brown and green and feature on the front a girl holding a recipe book and the title "Table delicacies'. The NNNAM copy differs slightly. Its binding is printed in light and dark blue and yellow and bears the title "Table delicacies < recipes'.