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Cooks guide

By Wolley, Hannah

subjects: cookery,

  • 1. The Cooks Guide: /or, / Rare receipts / for / Cookery. / published / and set forth particularly for Ladies / and gentlewoman; being very benefi / cial for all those that desire the true way of dres- / sing of all sorts of Flesh, fowls, and fish; the best directions for all manner of kickshaws, and the / most Ho-good sauces: whereby Noble persons / and others in their hospitalities may be gratified / in their Gusto's. Never before printed. // By Hannah Wolley.
    Peter Dring   1664
    [i-xxiv] 1-100 [101]   8od A8 a4B-G8, H in 4
    GB:   LeU(B)  

    [iii] Dedication: to Anne Wroth - wife of Sir Henry Wroth.
    [vii] Dedication to Mary Wroth: ingenious young gentlewoman - daughter of Henry Wroth.
    [xi] Address: to Ladies & Gentlewomen.
    [xv] Table: indexed alphabetically to page number.
    See also: The Queen-like Closet (1670); and possibly The "Compleat Cook's Guide" (1677).

    Wing: only this entry for 1664 is listed.