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Cookery for licensed victuallers


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  • 1. Cookery for | licensed victuallers. | By Cuisinier.
    London: Licensed Victuallers' Gazette Ltd; nd
    18.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp i-iii [iv] v [vi] vii-xxi, 1-218, 219-225 ads   Green cloth
    GB:   LB   *LoEN   OB  

    Pages i-iii, v, vii and xxi of the preliminary leaves are advertisements. Oddly, the half-title which is on page vi follows the title-page on page iv.
    The text is written in a chatty style and is as applicable to the ordinary household cook as to the victuallers of the title. LoEN and OB date the book [1906] and it appears in EngCat as published in March 1906 for 1s 6d. LB holds an identical copy which it dates [1916]. Since there is no entry in EngCat for that year the LB date may be a cataloguing error.