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  • 1. Currants | a few | tasty recipes [Cover-title]
    No place: nd;
    19.0 x 10.5 cm   Pp [1] 2-23   Light blue paper
    GB:   *Priv coll  
    US:   NN  

    The cover-title and text are printed on the same light blue paper. Below the cover-title is a quotation from Sir Francis Laking and one from Dr Otto Hehner, both extolling the virtues of currants.
    The booklet appears to have been published as a souvenir of the Currant Cookery Competition promoted by the Greek Government and held at the Universal Cookery and Food Exhibition. Following the introduction, called "Currants # a souvenir', is "Recipes for tasty currant dishes' by Charles Herman Senn on pages 5-17. On pages 19-23 are "Some specially selected prize recipes" from the Universal Cookery and Food Exhibition of 1906 which indicates a publication date of 1906 or 1907. Most of the recipes in the section by Senn appeared later in "Currant cookery' and "Home recipes for cooking currants' (see entry above).
    It is possible that "Currants: a few tasty recipes" is an earlier edition of "Currant cookery" and "Home recipes"; however, I have been unable to compare "Currants" side by side with the other two titles