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The aid to good cooking

By PAGE, Mrs

  • 1. The | aid to good cooking, | with | practical recipes | for | high-class and popular cookery, | by Mrs. Page, | First-Class Diplomee from the South Kensington | School of Cookery,
    London: Fox and Son, Printers; nd
    [6d on binding]  
    GB:   Priv coll  

    Grammatically incorrect, the title ends with a comma: "School of Cookery,".
    Printed on the binding is "Fourth edition.... Revised and enlarged." This edition was probably published in 1889 since not only is there a date stamp, "10 Jul. 1889", on the binding of this copy but there is also the inscription "H. Stoper July 16. 1889." written below the stamp.
    This entry is compiled from a photocopy of the binding and title-page supplied by the book's owner.

Title-page of The aid to good cooking