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The Ladies Delight

By Wolley, Hannah

subjects: preserving, cookery, domestic medicine,

  • 1. The / Ladies Delight: / or, a / Rich Closet / of Choice /experiments & curieties / Containing the Art of / Preserving and candying / both Fruits and Flowers: / Together with the Exact Cook; or, the art of / Dressing all sorts of Flesh, Fowl / and Fish.
    T. M.   N. Crouch   1672
    7.8 x 13   frontis [i-iv] 1 - 137 [138] 138-256 [257-258] 259 -300 [301 - 333]   12o A2 B-P12 Q in 4
    GB:   LB  

    Title-page also says: By Hannah Wooley, Ladies Physical Closet: excellent receipts, rare waters for beautifying face and body
    Frontis: lady and maid.
    This copy is a little book, with cheap printing.
    The book contains three parts as if mimicking "The Queens Closet Opened" (1655): Preserving and Candying; The Exact Cook (which duplicates material from "The Cook's Guide" (1664)) running [138] - 256; and The Ladies Physical Closet (with the same material to appear in "The Accomplish'd Ladies Delight" (1673) running 157-300. [301- 333] contain bills of fare and a content index.
    The book is translated into German as "Frauen Zimmers Zeit Vertrieb"É.Hambburg 1674.

    Wing: Crouch, Nathaniel 1, 1672, see W3279 -only one entry listed - 1672