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The Gentlewomans cabinet unlocked

By The Gentlewomans Cabinet unlocked

subjects: cookery,

  • 1. The Gentlewomans / Cabinet / unlocked. / Wherein is contained / many excellent receipts for the neat / dressing of divers sorts of meats, / both Flesh and Fish, with their proper sauces. // Also, // Directions for the best / way of making Pancakes, fritters, / tansies, puddings, custards, cheese- / cakes; and such like fine knacks, and / other delicate dishes, which are / most frequently used in Gentlemens / Houses. // The 7th Impression, with New Editions. /
    E. C.   John Williamson   1675
    8.7 x 13.4   A8 B4

    Wing: Williamson, John , 1675, see G523cA for this entry; also see G523ba - a 1673 edition