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Harper's cook book encyclopaedia


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  • 1. Harper's | cook book | encyclopaedia | arranged like a dictionary, and compiled | under the direction of the | editor of | Harper's Bazar [{{sic}}] | with contributions by famous authorities on | cooking, including ) Maria Blay | Christine T. Herrick | Margaret Sangster | Elena de la Torre Bueno | Marion Harland | Mary J. Lincoln | Josephine Grenier | Ysaguirre | etc., etc., etc.
    New York and London: Harper and Brothers; [November 1902]
    20.5 x 14.5 cm   Pp [i-iv] v-xi [xii-xiv], 1-442 [443]   Brown cloth
    Bib:   A197   B44 and 560  
    US:   DLC   LU   NN   MB   ICJ   OCl   MiU   *NNNAM  

    The title-page is printed in orange and black. The NNNAM copy is imperfect, lacking pages 49-50.