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Kitchin physick

By Cocke, Thomas

subjects: diet, domestic medicine, nursing,

  • 1. Kitchin-Physick: / or, / Advice to the poor, / By way of / dialogue / betwixt
    Philanthropus, Physician
    Eugenius, Apthecary
    Lazarus, Patient
    with Rules and directions, how to prevent sick- / ness, and cure diseases by diet, and such / things as are daily sold in the market: / as also, for the better enabling of Nurses, / and as attend sick people, ther be- / ing nothing yet extant (though much / desired) of this nature. Parve nec invideo &c. Ovid de Trist.
    Dorman Newman   1676
    [i-viii] 1-87   8o A-F8 G in 4

    Wing: Newman, Dorman 1, 1676, see C4792A, also listed C4791bA - 1675, C4791A - No entry, C4792 - 1676, C4792B - 1676