Household Books Published in Britain: all volumes



  • 1. An advertisement for "Health from food library" edited by James Henry Cook and issued by "Pitman" Health Food Co in Birmingham appears in the edition of A. G. Payne's "Cassell's vegetarian cookery" at OPo(F) which was published about 1915. Twelve numbers are listed at the price of 1d each: No. 1 "Fruit preserving"; No. 2 "Aids to a simpler diet", new edition, pages 48; No. 3 "Wholemeal flour, with 101 recipes"; No. 4 "Bananas, and all about them, with 80 recipes"; No. 5 "Uncooked natural foods, with 75 novel recipes"; No. 6 "Scientific cookery and aids to its adoption"; No. 7 "Undressed rice, with 100 recipes"; No. 8 "Reform diabetic foods and cookery"; No. 9 out of print; No. 10 "The olive: its medicinal and curative virtues" by Dr George Black; No. 11 "Nuts and all about them, with 75 recipes", pages 48; No. 12 "Honey and all about it, with recipes". BMCat cites as destroyed its copies of ""Health from food^" series", Birmingham: "Pitman" Health Food Stores, [1902, etc]. A copy of No. 1 "Fruit preserving...", which has a preface dated 1902, is at LoEN and OB. Because it has only 19 pages it is not described fully here. CBCat 35 cites No. 4 "Bananas..." under Cook's name. For more information about this 32-page booklet see Cook, James Henry. Apart from the advertisement in Payne's book, I have found no other references or copies of Nos. 2-3 and 5-12; however, it is probable that most numbers are of the appropriate subject, date and size for inclusion in this bibliography.