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The compleate cook's guide

By The Compleate Cook's Guide [M. W.?]

subjects: cookery, pastry, domestic medicine,

  • 1. The / Compleate Cook's / Guide. / or / Directions for the Dressing of / all sorts of flesh, / fowl, and fish, both in the English and French mode; / with the preparing of all manner of / Sauces and Sallets proper thereunto. // Together / with the making of all sorts of / pyes, pastries, tarts, and custards; / with the forms and shapes of many / of them. // With / Bills of Fare, both for Ordinary, and /extraordinary. /
    275 - 376  

    Illustration of pie shapes tipped in 272-273.
    Also: Physick & Chyrugery Beautifying waters & secrets in Art of Preserving, Conserving & Candying