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The book of entrees

By HILL, Janet MacKenzie

subjects: entrees,

  • 1. The book of | entrees | including casserole and | planked dishes | by | Janet MacKenzie Hill | author of "Cooking for Two," "The Up-to-Date Waitress," | "Salads and Sandwiches," etc. | Illustrated
    London: [printed by S. J. Parkhill and Co, Boston, USA, for] T. Fisher Unwin; 1912
    19.0 x 12.5 cm   Pp [i-ix] x-xii, [1] 2-355   Blue cloth
    GB:   *LB   LCS  

    Printed on the verso of the title-page is "Copyright, 1911, by Janet MacKenzie Hill.'% American editions: NUCat cites the following: Boston: Little, Brown and Co, [c 1911] 1912; Boston: Little, Brown and Co, 1920 [copyright 1911]; Boston: Little, Brown, 1917 [c. 1922]; Boston: Little, Brown and Co, 1925; Boston: Little, Brown, 1927 [c. 1911]; Boston: Little, 1930.