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A new digester for softening bones

By Papin, Denys

subjects: chemistry, pressure cooking, confectionary, cookery, household,

  • 1. A / New Digester / or / Engine / for softening / bones, / containing the / description / of its make and uase in these particulars. / viz. / cookery, voyages at sea, confectionary, Ma- / king of drinks, Chymistry, and Dying. / With an / Account of the Price a good big Engine will cost, / and of the profit it will afford. / By Denys Papin M.D. Fellow of the / Royal Society. /
    J. M.   Henry Bonwicke   1681
    15.7 x 20.3   [i-vvii] 1-54   4o A-G4 H2

    A1v: ordered to be pub'd by Christopher Wren at a meeting of Royal Society 8/12/1680. The 'Digester' is a pressure cooker.
    A3 Address: to Society
    A3v: Preface
    A4v: index
    There is also a postscript leaf, and a foldout page opposite the p.1

    Wing: Bonwicke, Henry, 1681, see P309.