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Easy French cookery

By MARIO, Auguste

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  • 1. Easy | French cookery | containing over 300 economical and | attractive recipes from a | celebrated chef's | note-book | by | Auguste Mario | late of the Carlton, Cecil | Cafe2 Royal and | Criterion | With eight full-page plates
    London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne: Cassell and Co Ltd; 1910
    18.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-2] ads, [i-viii], [1] 2-240, [i-ii] ads   Brown cloth with 2 steaming saucepans on front
    Bib:   A125   B309  
    GB:   LB   LCS   *LoEN   OB  
    US:   DLC   ViU   NN   IdU  

    There are 327 numbered recipes followed by menus in French and English on pages 195-220. The book has two indices: an "English index' and a "French index to recipes'.
    NUCat cites "Easy French cookery, containing over 360 [{{sic}}] economical and attractive recipes from a celebrated chef's note-book", London: Cassell, 1909, at OCl and OClW. OCl reports that its copy is, in fact, the 1910 edition with the title-page which reads, "...300 economical and attractive recipes".% American editions: OPo(F) holds a copy of the 1910 edition described above which was sold in the United States with a label mounted over the imprint on the title-page. The label reads, "Funk & Wagnalls Company < 354-360 Fourth Avenue, New York < Publishers in the United States of the publications of Cassell & Company, Limited, London'; no date of publication is given. The American edition has no leaf of advertisements at front and back.