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Officers of the mouth

By Rose, Giles

subjects: cookery, household, manners, preservation,

  • 1. Perfect school of instructions for the officiers of the mouth
    [Escole Parfaite des Officiers de Bouche]
    8.5 x 15   [i-xii] 1-563 lacking i-ii   12o A-Aa12 B4

    A2 Dedication : with instruction to men and for the curiosity to women [linen & prerserving]: to Sir Stephen Fox June 24 1681.
    A6 Address: to the reader
    A7: French printers' preface to reader
    A11: contents

    Wing: Rose, Giles, 1682, R1933,

  • 2. — A perfect school of instructions for the officers of the mouth : shewing the whole art of a master of the household [sic], a master carver, a master butler, a master confectioner, a master cook, a pastryman ... : adorned with pictures curiously ingraven, displaying the whole arts
    R. Bentley, M. Magnes   1682

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    BLC 1037.e.18