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Comprehensive cookery

By MAY, Mrs Ernest

subjects: vegetarian cookery,

  • 1. Comprehensive | cookery. | As used in | Dr. Allinson's hygienic establishment, | contains instructions for over | one thousand tested recipes. | Complete directions for making numerous palatable, nutritious, | and economical dishes. | Cakes, mushes, pies, puddings, jams, | soups, sauces, drinks, salads, fruit-preserving; also for the | noted health bread, gem breads, &c., &c., | made with meal and water only. | Interesting articles on foods, the quantities and times it | should be taken # tables and analysis of foods # many useful | hints and much valuable information for beginners of the | vegetarian diet. | A marvel of cheapness, and should be read carefully | by all who wonder what the vegetist has to live upon. | Compiled by | Mrs. E. May, teacher of hygienic cookery, Harlesden Grove, N.W.
    London: F. Pitman; 1890
    18.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-5] 6-134   Lacks binding
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    The author signs the preface "Mrs Ernest May". The title of this first edition describes the book's vegetarian recipes as "used in Dr Allinson's hygienic establishment". For cookery books by Dr Allinson himself see under his name.

  • 2. — Second edition, 10,000. Revised and enlarged. | Price one shilling. ) Comprehensive cookery | as used in the various hygiene establishments ) throughout the world. | Contains instructions for over | one thousand | tested recipes, complete directions for making numerous | palatable, nutritious, and economical dishes. Biscuits, blanc- | manges, broths, cakes, creams, custards, drinks, fritters, fruit | and vegetable preserving, gruels, jams, jellies, mushes, omelets and | egg cookery, pancakes, pies, porridges, puddings, rolls, salads, | sauces, souffle2s, soups, stews, syrups; also for the noted | health bread, gem breads, &c., &c. | Compiled by | E. & B. May, | (of the Hygienic Home and Sanatorium; over 20 years' successful experience | in practising the laws of health and hygiene,) | authors of "May's Practical Methods," &c., &c.
    London: F. Pitman, L. N. Fowler and Co, R. Forder, and Nichols and Co; Manchester: Vegetarian Society; Oregon, USA: W. E. Jones; Philadelphia, USA: Vegetarian Society; Chicago, USA: Prof. L. H. Anderson; [1897]
    18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-ii] ads, [1-5] 6-136, 137-151 ads   1s, [presentation copies in morocco 2s 6d, on binding]   Orange cloth
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    Two compilers, E. and B. May, are now cited on the title-page. Printed at the head of the title is "Without moderation good health and long life is an impossibility.' The preface is dated 156 High Street, Harlesden, London, N.W. 1897. LB, LoEN and OB date the second edition [1897].% 5096