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Eustace Miles Restaurant recipes

By MILES, Eustace Hamilton

subjects: vegetarian cookery,

  • 1. [Second edition of "Eustace Miles Restaurant recipes', 1906]
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    BMCat cites the second edition, London: Eustace Miles, 1906, pages viii, 227.

  • 2. — [Another edition, third, 1907]
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    Bitting 325 cites the third edition, revised throughout and enlarged, London: Eustace Miles, 1907, pages 280.% 5118

  • 3. — Eustace Miles Restaurant | recipes | by | Eustace Miles, M.A. | formerly Scholar of King's College, Cambridge, and Honours coach and lecturer at Cambridge; | member of the Executive Council of the National League of Physical Education and Improvement, 1905; | editor of Cassell's "Physical Educator" etc.; amateur champion of England at tennis, 1899 to 1903, | 1905 and 1906, and at racquets, 1902 (and in the doubles, 1902, 1904 to 1906], of America | at racquets, tennis, and squash-tennis, 1900, formerly holder of the gold prize; | author of "A Boy's Control and Self-expression," etc. | Fifth edition. Revised throughout, and enlarged
    London: Eustace Miles; 1907
    10.0 x 17.0 cm   Pp [i-vii] viii, [1] 2-319 [320]   [1s 6d on binding]   Red paper
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    The preface is signed "Eustace Miles. 40, 41, and 42, Chandos Street, Charing Cross, W.C. November, 1907.' The text contains 116 numbered recipes, printed one to the recto of each leaf (advertisements for the author's products, courses and books are printed on the verso). Recipes 97 onwards are headed "New recipes added in the fifth edition'.% 5119