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American Indian corn (maize,) as a cheap, wholesome, and nutritious human food

By MURPHY, Charles J.

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  • 1. Economy in food is the wealth of nations. | Lecture | delivered by | Charles J. Murphy | (Commissioner for the State of Nebraska, U.S.A.,) | before the | National Agricultural Society of France, | at the | International Congress of Millers, held at Paris | in August, 1889, | on | American | Indian corn | (maize,) | as a cheap, wholesome, and nutritious human food. | Origin of Indian corn. | Species and value # our most important crop. | Production of our great corn states. | Medicinal virtues of corn. | Indian corn as human food. | General information on Indian corn. | 130 formulas for preparatin and cooking. | Press opinions. | Maize for brewing purposes.
    Edinburgh: R. Grant and Son; 1890
    21.0 x 13.5 cm   Pp [1-3] 4-96   Rebound, incorporating original brown paper binding
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    "First edition # 25,000" is printed on the binding. Printed on the title-page is the quotation ""He who invents a new dish does more for mankind than the discoverer of a planet.""
    Murphy's lecture, originally delivered in Paris in 1889, was published in Edinburgh in the following year to accompany an exhibition designed by him "to dissipate and remove the ignorance and prejudice against Indian corn". According to Murphy's introduction, the exhibit was "the first time on foreign soil that the value of maize as human food [had] been demonstrated in a practical manner". If one of Murphy's aims was philanthropic # the introduction of a cheap, wholesome and nutritious food to Europe, another motive was commercial # the increase of American exports of corn.
    The text of the lecture is an entertaining mix of recipes and lore. Murphy offers much on the history of corn as food, and uses literature and anecdotes to argue his case for maize as a food source. The recipes are on pages 35-82 (I was unable to check the con

  • 2. — American | Indian corn | (maize) | a cheap, wholesome, and nutritious food | 150 ways to prepare and cook it | by | Charles J. Murphy | formerly Commissioner for the State of Nebraska | Revised and edited with the addition of many new recipes | and a foreword by | Jeannette Young Norton | author of "Mrs. Norton's Cook-Book," etc.
    New York and London: printed by The Knickerbocker Press, New York, for G. P. Putnam's Sons; 1917
    18.5 x 12.5 cm   Pp [i-ii] iii-vii [viii] ix-xiii [xiv-xvi], 1-128, [i-vi] publ ads   Yellow cloth
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    This new edition was issued to support the 1917 Congressional appeal to the American people to eat more corn so that the country's wheat crop would be released for feeding the Allied armies. Murphy's original introduction and lecture are reproduced on pages ix-xii and 1-27, respectively. The recipes are heavily revised.% 5170