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The book of diet

By MUSKETT, Philip Edward

subjects: vegetarian cookery, australia, cookery of,

  • 1. The | book of diet | with, also, a collection of savoury, choice, | delicious, and selected recipes). | By | Philip E. Muskett | late Surgeon to the Sydney Hospital; formerly Surgeon | Superintendent to the New South Wales Government | (S.I. Service); Medical Superintendent, Quarantine | Station, Sydney; and Senior Resident Medical Officer, | Sydney Hospital.
    Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and London: George Robertson and Co; [1898]
    17.5 x 11.5 cm   Pp [1-22] ads, [i-v] vi-xv [xvi-xx], [1] 2-301, [i-ix] ads   Rebound
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    The title-page is printed in red and black, and carries the quotation ""One generation of scientific dietetics would produce an influence upon humanity second only to a new creation of the race." # Sir William Roberts.' There is no initial parenthesis to match that following "recipes" on the title-page.
    In the preface, which is dated April 1898, Muskett directs his comments mainly towards Australians. He stresses # as he did in "The art of living in Australia" which he co-authored with Mrs H. F. Wicken and which is described below # that the people should eat less meat. The book, he says, is founded on a series of lectures he delivered at the Sydney School of Arts in the preceding year.
    The text is in two parts. Part I, on pages 1-246 and called "The book of diet', is in four chapters covering vegetables, fruits, salads and alcohol, respectively; culinary information and cooking hints are included. Part II, "A collection of recipes', is on pages 247-282. No recipes for meat dishes are given.