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My postcard cookbook


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  • 1. My | postcard cookbook | the | novelty recipe | album
    London: Siegle, Hill and Co; nd
    14.0 x 21.0 cm   Pp [1-100]   White paper covered boards with male cook carrying steaming bowl on front
    GB:   *LoEN   OB  

    The title-page is printed in orange and black and is illustrated with a postman and a maid holding up postcards on which the title is written. Printed on the verso of the title-page is "Copyright 1908 by The Penn Publishing Company' but both LoEN and OB date their copies, acquired in January 1910, [1910].
    This is a most unusual cookery book, containing forty-eight leaves of illustrated, tear-out postcards. The postcard leaves are grouped in pairs and each pair is followed by a blank, black album leaf cut with slits. Instructions for the book's use are given on page 3: "Detach a complete page of two cards (request and return). Write your request for desired recipe on the question card and add a pinch of humor for seasoning. Address on the back. Put a penny stamp on the request card, and also on the return recipe card, fold the cards without separating them, and mail. When the card is returned place in the slits provided in the album pages. The result will be a dainty album of autograph recipes made doubly swe