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Treasure of health

By Chamberlayne, John [(Gent) Trinity College Oxford]

subjects: diet, cookery,

  • 1. A / Treasure / of / health. / by / Castor Durante Da Gualdo, / physician and citizen of / Rome. / Wherein / is shewn how to preserve health, / and prolong life. / also / The nature of all sorts of meats and / drinks, with the way to prevent all / hurt that attends the use of either / of them. // Translated out of Italian into English, by John /Chamberlayne, Gent.
    William Crook   1686
    8 x 13.5   [i-vi] 1-232   A4 (A4 missing) 12o B-L12
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    Licensed by: Imprimatur Ap 5 1686. Rob. Midgley
    A2v Dedication: Thomas Chamberlayne
    A3 Address: to the reader, noting that the recipes are cheap to make
    World CAT : Book : Microfilm : Master microform SSSS Wing: Durante de Gualdo, Castore - 2682B

  • 2. — A Family-Herbal, or, the Treasure of health É The second edition, with an alphabetical table added thereunto.
    W. Crooke   1689
    [12, 232]   12o
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    BLC 450.b.19