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Dr Nichols' penny vegetarian cookery

By NICHOLS, Dr Thomas Low

subjects: vegetarian cookery,

  • 1. Dr. Nichols' | penny | vegetarian cookery: | the science and the art of selecting and preparing | a pure, healthful, and sufficient diet. | Illustrated by food diagrams and | portraits of distinguished vegetarians. | By T. L. Nichols, M.D., | Editor of "The Herald of Health"; author of "How to Live on Sixpence a Day," | "How to Cook," "The Diet Cure," "Count Rumford," "Esoteric Anthro- | pology," "Human Physiology the Basis of Sanitary and Social | Science," "Forty Years of American Life," etc., etc.
    London: Nichols and Co; Glasgow: J. Coates; 1883
    21.5 x 14.0 cm   Pp [1-4] 5-29, 30-40 publ ads   Blue paper with portrait of author and fruit-and-vegetable border on front
    GB:   *ChAVe  

    "Third edition' is printed on the binding.
    The following quotations appear on the title-page: ""Mens sana in corpore sano." "Sanitas sanitatum # omnia sanitas." "Health and good estate of body are above all gold, and a strong body above infinite wealth." "There is no riches above a sound body; and no joy above the joy of the heart." # Ecclesiasticus XXX. 15, 16.'
    Under the heading, "Illustrious vegetarians', on page 3 Nichols gives biographical information about Sylvester Graham, Francis W. Newman, John Davie, Isaac Pitman, Wm. Gibson Ward and himself. He says he was born at Orford, New Hampshire, USA.
    On page 4 he explains why, having already written "How to cook', he felt the need to compile "Penny vegetarian cookery': "... I hope a penny cookery will find a much larger circulation... and also because "How to cook'... is not entirely vegetarian....'
    Pages 30-40 describe the author's other books and contain advertisements for his products, such as soup, soap and baking powder.

  • 2. — [Another edition, [1884]]
    GB:   LB destroyed  

    BMCat cites London: Nichols and Co, [1884], pages 40.% 5215

  • 3. — [Another edition, 1888]

    JCCat 7 lists a 40-page, London edition dated 1888. PorCat "Porcupinia supplement: the feminine world' cites the three hundredth thousand dated 1888.% General comments: NNNAM holds a 12-page pamphlet published in London by Nichols and Co and dated 1900. Although the cover-title is "Vegetarian recipes and practical cookery', the title on page 1 reads, "Dr Nichol's penny vegetarian cookery'. I have been unable to compare the text with the edition of "Dr Nichols' penny vegetarian cookery' at ChAVe to establish whether it is a later edition of the same work.% 5216