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Curries: and how to prepare them

By EDMUNDS, Joseph

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  • 1. Curries: | and | how to prepare them. | Recipes by some of the most eminent Chefs | de Cuisine, including | E. Francatelli | (late Chef de Cuisine to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales), | and | C. Herman Senn | (Hon. Director of the Universal Cookery & Food Association). | Compiled by | Joseph Edmunds.
    London: The Food and Cookery Publishing Agency; nd
    16.5 x 10.5 cm   Pp [1-7] 8-82, [i-xiv] ads   [6d on binding]   Blue paper
    Bib:   A107   B140  
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    The compiler signs the introduction "J. Edmunds. London, 1902.' OB dates the book [1902] while both LB and NUCat date it [1903]. EngCat records March 1903 as the date of publication.
    In the introduction Mr Edmunds explains that he submitted his curry recipes which he had been collecting for twenty years to expert cookery teachers under the direction of Miss Tattersall. He then passed their initial selection to Charles Herman Senn who made a further selection and added others newly written by himself. Following the introduction is a history of curries and recipes for rice, soup curries, fish curries, meat curries, vegetable curries, egg curries and cheap curry dinners for working men. There is also a section discussing ingredients for curries, in particular spices and flavourings. The advertisements are mainly for Mr Edmunds' curry products sold under "The empress' label.