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Favourite puddings of rural England


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  • 1. [First edition of "Favourite puddings of rural England', nd]
    Bib:   A147   B551  

    This is No. 1 in "The Cable series of farm and household books" published in London by The Cable Printing and Publishing Co Ltd. EngCat records March 1899 as the date of publication. See under the series name for other titles in the series.

  • 2. — [Another edition, eighth]

    This is cited in the second edition of "Sauces, pickles and preserves" in the same series.% 1030

  • 3. — [Another edition, ninth]

    This is cited in the third edition of "Afternoon tea cakes, tasty sandwiches and sweetmeats" in the same series.% 1030a

  • 4. — Favourite | puddings | of | rural England. | By a hundred country housewives. | Together with special prize recipes for | Christmas puddings | mince pies, jam rolls, | marmalade, strawberry jam, gingerbread, | cream cheese, cowslip wine, and | mushroom ketchup. | Price threepence.
    London: printed and published by The Cable Printing and Publishing Co Ltd; nd
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    "Tenth edition' is printed on the binding. The title-page transcription is from a photocopy of the title-page supplied by DuSB.% 1031