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Popular vegetarian cookery

By FORWARD, Charles Walter

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  • 1. Popular | vegetarian cookery, | comprising upwards of one hundred and | twenty specially selected recipes, | compiled by | Charles W. Forward, | author of "Practical Vegetarian Recipes," "A History of the Vegetarian | Movement,^" "The Vegetarian Birthday Book," &c., &c.
    London: The Ideal Publishing Union Ltd and The Vegetarian Cafe Co (London) Ltd; nd
    17.0 x 11.5 cm   Pp [i-v] vi-x [xi-xii], [13] 14-62   Rebound
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    There are long quotations from Herbert Spencer, Dr T. Lauder Brunton and Galen on the title-page. In the preface Forward says that "Popular vegetarian cookery' was issued to meet the demand for a cookery book cheaper than his "Practical vegetarian recipes'. An advertisement for the book in "The vegetarian', New Series, Volume II, No. 5, May 1905 cites 7d post free as the price. The text contains 124 numbered recipes most of which are grouped together by their staple ingredient (wheat, oatmeal, maize, rice, haricot beans, lentils and peas).