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Family dictionary or household companion

By Salmon, William

subjects: confectionary, cookery, cosmetics, diet, distillation, domestic medicine, household, manners, preservation, behaviour,

  • 1. The family dictionary, or, Houshold [sic] companion : wherein are alphabetically laid down exact rules and choice physical receipts for the preservation of health ... directions for making oils, ointments, salves, ... chymical preparations, physical-wines, ales and other liquors and descriptions of the virtues of herbs, fruits, flowers ... and parts of living creatures used in medicinal potions, ... likewise directions for cookery, ... also the way of making all sorts of perfumes ... together with the art of making all sorts of English wines, ... the mystery of pickling and keeping all sorts of pickles ... : to which is added as an appendix the explanation of physical terms, bills of fare ... : with the art of carving and many other useful matters
    H. Rhodes   1695

    Sourced from World CAT : Book : Microfilm : Master microform

  • 2. — The family dictionary; or, Houshold companion : containing, in an alphabetical method, I. Directions for cookery, in dressing flesh, fowl, fish, herbs, roots, &c. Seasoning, making sauces, bills of fare, art of carving, &c. II. Making all sorts of pastry ware, and things made of meal, flower, whether bak'd, boyled, or fried, &c. III. Making of conserves, candies, preserves, confects, lozenges, gellies, creams, pickles, &c. IV. The making all kinds of potable liquors, as ales, meads, metheglin, English wines of cherries, currants, gooseberries, raspberries, &c. Cyder, cyder-royal, usquebaugh, cordial waters. V. The making of all sorts of rare perfumes, sweet balls, pouders, admirable washes, beatifying waters, oils, essences, pomatums. VI. The virtues and uses of the most usual herbs and plants, their roots, barks, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, used in physick. ... The second edition, corrected and much enlarged. By William Salmon, professor of physick.
    [i-vi] [1-16] 17-393 [394-401] publ ads for Rhodes   8o Aχ 3 leaves A2 [A3-A4] B-Cc8

    Title-page taken from World CAT . World CAT : Book : Microfilm : Master microform.
    A4v: advertisement for Balsam : to be purchased from Salmon and Rhodes
    Errata on 393, hence likely to be first edition
    3 shillings
    (1705 (3rd edition), 1734 (4th edition))

    Wing: under Rhodes - 1695) & also H. J. 1696, HJ66, see also 66aA - 1696(2nd ed.).

  • 3. — The / Family Dictionary: / or, / Houshold Companion. / Containing, / in an Alphabetical Method, / [cookery, pastry, conserves, liquors, perfumes, herbs, medicines] By William Salmon, Professor of Physick. / The Third Edition, Enlarged with several hundreds of / Excellent Receipts
    H. Rhodes   1705?
    19.5 x 12.0   [i-viii] 1-380 [381-416]   8o A4 B-Ff8
    GB:   LeU(B)  

    Preface: Station of women: taking care of House; in two columns. Women need to know abt Food and Medicine. Notes that cooks are prophylactick, while apothecaries are curative. Covers all areas because it is aiming to be a family book.
    Table from 381. alph to p. num - v. imp. whole thing is alph.
    Third edition has a Table [381-416], but the whole book is alphabetical by topic. By 1709/1 there is no Table, ie making the point.
    4th edition 1710: above 11,000 addns.

    Wing: under Rhodes - 1695) & also H. J. 1696, HJ66, see also 66aA - 1696(2nd ed.).