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The waye to health

By Tryon, Thomas

subjects: cookery, diet, domestic medicine, household herbs, drinks, disease,

  • 1. The Waye to / Health, / long / life and happiness: / or. a discourse of / Temperance, / and the particular / Nature of all things requisite for the life of / man; as all sorts of meats, drinks, air, exercise, etc. / with special directions how to use each of them to the best advantage of the Body and mind. / Shewing from the true ground of Nature, whence most / diseases proceed, and how to prevent them. / To which is added / A treatise of most sorts of English herbs / with several other remarkable and most useful Obser- / vations, very necessary for all families. The whole treatise displaying the most hidden secrets of philoso- / phy, and made easie and familiar to the meanest Capa- / cities, by various examples and demonstrances. / The Third Edition / to which is added a discourse of the Philosophers Stone, or universal medicine, discovering the cheats and Abuses / of those Chymical Petenders. / The like never before Published. / Communicated to the World for the General Good, By / Thomas Tyron, Student / in Physick.
    Edmund Richardson   1698
    [i-xvi] 1-456, 1-24   8o A-I
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    Not the same book as "The Way to Health" (1726) published by George Conyers.

    Wing: Richardson, Edmund, 1698, T3203, 93rd ed.), see also T3200 - 1683, T3201 - 1691(2nd ed.) T3202A - 1697(3rd ed.), T3203B - 1697