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Englands happiness improved

By England's happiness improved

subjects: confectionary, distillation, household, preservation, wine,

  • 1. England's happiness improved, or, An infallible way to get riches, encrease plenty, and promote pleasure : containing the art of making wine of English grapes and other fruit, equal to that of France and Spain, &c. with their physical virtues : to make artificial wine, and order all sorts of wine to keep well, and recover what is faded : the whole art and mistery of distilling brandy, strong waters, cordial waters, &c., to make all the sorts of plain and purging ales, cyder, mead, marheglin, rum, rack, and many other useful liquors : to gather, order, and keep fruit in all seasons : the art and mistery of pickling flowers, fruits, herbs, buds, roots, fish, flesh, &c. to recover tainted flesh and make sundry sorts of vinegars : the whole art and mistery of a confectioner, the compleat market-man, or woman, to know all sorts of provisions, as poulterer's ware, fish, flesh, whether young or old, new or stale, &c. and all other matters relating to marketing : particular rules for good and frugal house-keeping, and to destroy all sorts of vermin, with many other things very profitable, and never before made publick.
    Roger Clavill   1697

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  • 2. — England's Happiness / Improved; / or, an infallible way to get riches encrease plenty, and promote pleasure. / Containing / wine keeping fruit compleat market-woman distillation pickling flowers etc. rules for good & frugal housekeeping Ales confectioner The second edition
    Roger Clavill, T. Leigh, D. Midwinter   1699
    8.3 x 14.0   [i-x] 1-174   8o A-M8

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    Wing: Clavell, Roger, 1699, E2977A (2nd ed.) See also E2977 - 1699 (1st ed.)