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Modern domestic medicine

By GRAHAM, Thomas John

subjects: medical compendium,

  • 1. Modern domestic medicine; or, a popular treatise, illustrating the character, symptoms, causes, distinction, and correct treatment of all diseases incident to the human frame; embracing all the modern improvements in medicine, with the opinions of the most distinguished physicians. To which is added, a domestic materia medica; a description of the virtues, and correct manner of using the different mineral waters of Europe, and the cold, warm, and vapour baths; a copious collection of approved prescriptions adapted to domestic use; ample rules of diet, and a table of the doses of medicines. The whole intended as a medical guide for the use of clergymen, heads of families, and invalids. By Thomas John Graham, M.D. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, &c. The second edition, with additions.
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    The contents are divided into two parts. Part I includes a "domestica materia medica', a collection of prescriptions, chapters on mineral waters, baths, diet, cookery, blood-letting, suspended animation, intoxication, preventing contagion, poisons, dislocations, fractures, choking, and the managemennt of children. Part II consists of an alphabetical list of disorders with symptoms and recommended treatment. The book is dedicated to the Duke of Devonshire.

  • 2. — [Sixth edition, 1835]
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    The BMCat lists a sixth enlarged edition as published London: 1835.

  • 3. — [Eighth edition, 1840]
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    The BMCat lists an eighth edition as published London: 1840.

  • 4. — [Ninth edition, 1844]
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    The BMCat lists a ninth edition as published London: 1844.

  • 5. — [Eleventh edition, 1853]
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    The NUCat lists an eleventh edition, with many additions, as published London: Simpkin and Marshall [etc] for the author 1853.

  • 6. — [Twelfth edition, 1858]
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    The BMCat lists a twelfth edition with many additions as published London: 1858.

  • 7. — [Thirteenth edition, 1864]
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    The BMCat lists a thirteenth edition, revised with many additions, as published London: 1864.

  • 8. — [Another edition, 1882]
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    The London Library catalogue lists another edition as published 1882.